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Mystery and Evidence

Philosopher of mind, Tim Crane, on religion and evidence in The New York Times. For what it’s worth I have repeatedly said that epistemologically speaking, the concept of God does not achieve enough clarity and distinctness to be discussable. When we cite the divine attributes—omniscience, omnipotence, and so on—I do not think we have the least purchase on…

The Character of Consciousness

Surely the biggest publishing event in mind – well since this one.

Mind in Life

I’ve just completed reading Evan Thompson’s Mind in Life: Biology, Phenomenology, and the Sciences of Mind, a work which I heartily endorse as the best statement yet of the enactivist theory of mind. I especially like his taking on the philosopher’s zombie and his chapter on Empathy and Enculturation. Last, but by no means least,…

Hayek: cognitive scientist avant la lettre

Here is the uncorrected proof of my essay – do not cite.

Closer to Truth: Consciousness

I’m pleased to have discovered a superb website that accompanies the PBS series Closer to Truth. The definitive series on the latest advances in brain, mind, free will, personal identity, alien intelligence, parapsychology, afterlife, and brain-mind critical thinking. Interviewer Robert Lawrence Kuhn does a super job of guiding the discussion for a lay audience and pretty…


ryle, v. to give examples. “He ryles on and on without ever daring a conclusion.” Hence, n. An example. “His argument was elucidated by a variety of apt ryles.” “The original ryle has been chisholmed beyond recognition.” (2) A variety of smooth, lucid, thin ice that forms on bogs. The Philosophical Lexicon Though published several…

Neuronal marketplace

According to Edge Dennett has had some second thoughts. Knowing what I do of Hayek’s philosophical psychology and his proto-connectionism, he may well approve of Dennett’s characterization. My mistake was that I had stopped the finite regress of homunculi at least one step too early! The general run of the cells that compose our bodies…

Dennett’s Breaking the Spell

Update: A digital version of this essay is now available from the Journal of Mind and Behavior website – click here or here. Here is a final MS of my review essay on Dennett’s Breaking the Spell published in Journal of Mind and Behavior (Vol. 27 No. 3 & 4 Summer & Autumn 2006).