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Secularism: Will It Survive?

A nice crisp collection of perspectives from 2005 on the above question. I only know Wilfred McClay and Susan Haack’s work and both of their entries very much reflect their broader concerns. politics and religionscience and religionSecularismsusan haackWilfred McClay

Meaning and Chaos

Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson take another run at a discussion and the result is far clearer and more satisfying than the first effort (I happen to think that the first podcast was not wasted time at all). Having heard Harris and Weinstein and now Harris and Peterson, I think we would be in for a treat listening…

In Defense of Our National and Religious Traditions

Interesting piece by Yoram Hazony in Mosaic. How to shore up this collapsing front? Given the history I have described, it seems likely that there is now only one way: an alliance of Old Testament-conscious Protestants and nationalist Catholics and Jews who will seek to update the biblical and Protestant heritage of the West and restore it…

Essentials of Mysticism

Evelyn Underhill’s classic freely available along with many others courtesy of the terrific resource that is the Christian Classics Ethereal Library (H/T to the ever eclectic Paul Raymont of Philosophy, lit.) Christian Classics Ethereal LibraryEvelyn UnderhillmysticismReligion


Michael Ruse in the latest issue of ZYGON The implication is that those of us who think that science and religion can coexist harmoniously are in some sense selling out. The New Atheists have appeared on the scene,and in a classic example of what Freud called the “narcissism of small differences,” while they may hate…