The Erosion of Academic Virtue

Here’s a new paper by Susan Haack feely available in proof form. See also Susan’s thoughts in this festschrift devoted to her work.

Hayekian Systems: Research into the Structure of Social Interaction  

My chum and co-editor of C+T has just had this coauthored book published.

Herbert Gintis

I’ve just learnt of the death of Herb Gintis. Here is an obituary. I’d met him at a San Diego meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics in 2010. Lovely and interesting man. 

Memories of Dubrovnik’s Global Citizen—Kathy Wilkes

This article as per the title freely available from this special issue of the Croatian Journal of Philosophy Vol. XXII, No. 66, 2022.

Roger Scruton, in his England: an Elegy took her as his model of the English gentleman, arguing that “her virtues were revealed in nothing so much, as her habit of concealing them”.

South Atlantic Review’s special issue on Walker Percy

The very excellent Rhonda McDonnell and Karey Perkins have made available their table of contents and their introduction.