Jazz, Creativity, and the Brain


Neuroscientists have recently begun to examine the elusive nature of human creativity. Join Dr. Charles Limb, bassist/vocalist Esperanza Spalding, and jazz pianist Vijay Iyer as they discuss this fascinating new science and examine improvisational art forms such as jazz.


As part of a research study, Dr. Charles Limb, Francis A. Sooy, MD Professor and Chief of Otology/Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco, took brain scans of musician volunteers while they were playing an instrument. He found that when musicians are improvising, the prefrontal cortex of the brain shuts off in large part. This is the part of the brain involved in conscious self-monitoring, that sensors you when you’re about to make an error.

The Journal of Mind and Behavior: New Issue

Here is the latest issue of JMBVolume 38, Number 1, Winter 2017



Charles Bradley

Such a shame. Decent bloke, terrific performer. I was looking forward to seeing him late December. Reports in The Guardian and Billboard.


Imam Tawhidi on why he believes Palestine is Jewish land

Imam Tawhidi in HuffPost — needless to say the regressive dhimmies will play the “No true Scotsman” card to smear/undermine/dismiss Imam Tawhidi.

If we were to briefly review the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a political lens, we would come to find that Palestine has always had the chance of being an independent state of their own; in fact, this was an offer made to them by Israel, not once, but five times. (4) It is without doubt that Islamic regimes such as the current Islamic government of Iran along with its allies, Hizbullah for instance, have benefited a great deal from the current tensions in the region. By using the excuse of a “potential Israeli invasion” of the whole of the Middle East “Just as they did with Palestine”, they have used their country’s wealth to develop nuclear powers that threaten the safety of the entire region; while the statistics of poverty rise throughout the country.


As the left surges back, Marxism’s bloody legacy is covered up

Roger Scruton writes in The Spectator. Isn’t it perverse that disingenous regressives blithely walk around with hammer and sickle flags without any damn shame given the body count. Screwtape mentions Eric Hobsbawm — what a damn shit he was. I do think we are at a Darkness at Noon moment.

The real purpose of politics is not to express resentment but to contain and conciliate it.

darkness at noon


Can Philosophy Be Saved?

The deliciously scathing and independent-minded Susan Haack in Free Inquiry. “The cannibal among the missionaries” — love it! This the quality of mind that I want and admire whatever one’s political persuasion.

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