Epistemology of the Human Sciences: Restoring an Evolutionary Approach to Biology, Economics, Psychology and Philosophy

Latest title in this series.

Two New Titles for Studies in Classical Liberalism

Commodities as an Asset Class: Essays on Inflation, the Paradox of Gold and the Impact of Crypto
Coercion, Authority and Democracy: Towards an Apolitical Order

Jerry was . . .

the last man standing. See the AllMusic reviews of LMS and MOM. Few if any, can pull such support. These two collections are a staple for me.



Saul Kripke (1940-2022)

The last of the 20th century’s bona fide greats. New York Times profile from 1977

American philosopher Saul Kripke in Oxford, 18th May 1990. (Photo by Steve Pyke/Getty Images)

Why Machines Will Never Rule the World  Artificial: Intelligence without Fear

Barry Smith (and coauthor) has an about-to-be published book.