Over The Rainbow: Herb Alpert

I’ve always had a soft spot for Herb Alpert’s artistry across styles so I’m looking forward to this. Shame about the naff cover though.


Economic Reasoning and Interaction in Socially Extended Market Institutions

Newly published as open access in Frontiers in Psychology. At long last Hayek makes an appearance outside of Austrian and behavioral circles though myself and others been banging on about him as a situated theorist for yonks. See Bill Butos’ (ed.) The Social Science of Hayek’s The Sensory Order.

economic reasoning is never just an individual process carried out by an autonomous individual, classically understood. In this regard, understanding the concept of relational autonomy allows us to see how economic reasoning is always embodied, embedded in, and scaffolded by intersubjective interactions, and how such interactions make the market what it is.


On Arriving at a University: Michael Oakeshott

Here is the second piece that Ken Minogue gave me thirty or so years ago. This time it’s a piece by Oakeshott himself. Pardon the markings . . . a clean version can be found in What Is History? And Other Essays. Not that it matters much, but the date for the published version is question-marked as 1961?; the version I’ve posted is marked 1963.


Joaquín Fuster

Happy birthday to Joaquín. Here is a bio-sketch of Joaquín’s life and a summary of his work. Also check out Joaquín’s “Hayek in Today’s Cognitive Neuroscience” which he wrote for my edited collection in 2011. Some 20 years ago I gave a talk on Hayek’s philosophical psychology examining the continuities between Hayek’s social connectionism and his proto-neuroconnectionism, only for him to be dismissed by snide “neo-liberal” aspersions. It was at that point it became apparent just how ideologically mendacious and ill-informed things had become in the academy. Had I’d known of Joaquín’s work back then, someone with real distinction in CogSci, it would have been rather easy to show up this person’s bad faith.

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