Benjamin & The Dreamdancers

Thank you Kurtis Powers and Scott Birksted for bringing our attention to Benjamin And The Dreamdancers (bravo to Daptone yet again) and for a great show on The Face Radio. Very much looking forward to the upcoming show on Curtis. KTF!


A trick of the tail

It used to be, not that long ago, that though oxtail was one of the cheapest cuts of meat, it was without doubt also one of the tastiest if one was into comfort food (soup and stew) of the slow cooking variety. These days I’m gobsmacked by the high price of oxtail — I’ve seen it being sold at several different supermarkets at anywhere between $20 and $25 a kilo. I haven’t tried a butcher because neighbourhood butchers are few and far between and seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate. I guess the reason behind the high price is because oxtail is now “fashionable”. (This phenomenon seems to have befallen marrow bones as well). Here’s a recipe well worth giving a go from the very excellent Jay Taylor (check out Jay’s other comfort food recipes):

The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct

Peter Boghossian and James A. Lindsay perpetrate a Sokal-style hoax on gender studies.



Budgie is, as several have noted, one of the most underrated and the most distinctive of the early “metal” bands of the ’70s, but far quirkier than Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. An example of their quirkiness being their rendition of Big Joe Williams’ classic “Baby, Please Don’t Go”. If you’ve never heard Budgie you’d think that, at first blush, they were Rush, but most will perhaps know of Budgie indirectly via a couple of Metallica covers. Here is one of Budgie’s “best of” compilations.