Dead Sea Tapes

Chuffed to come across this recently broadcast (previously blocked) programme. Among the featured gems are The Dead Sea Tapes, Peter’s views on religion, his taste in reading and much more besides. I have a chum  who used to live around the corner from Perrin’s Walk in Ellerdale Road, near the convent (or was it a girls school) mentioned in the show: after each evening’s night revelry, I’d standardly press the door bell and run away. Yes, puerile I know. The show gives Lin, Peter’s recently deceased widow, a long overdue fair shake after years of snide reporting on her. Pete and Dud (or their alter egos, Derek and Clive) even in death, and long before Milo was even born, still stand as the ultimate bête noire to the cultural marxists (they’d go full-on #Trigglypuff if they heard Derek and Clive).

“Why do you drink so much?”

“Despair really”

Peter died at 57!


Lo and Behold

Not Herzog’s best but certainly, as one would still expect, an insightful and elegant take highlighting some of the most disturbing and techno-ebullient aspects of this technology, a technology that surely marks the cultural tipping point, ushering in the global shit storm that we are now in. The section on AI is fascinating: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? You know we are in a crisis when even Buddhist monks are now as distracted as a teen (and of course many adults) — or as I call it, self-induced autism.

My social network is my dinner table,” he says. Any guest placing an iPhone next to her wine glass should not expect another invitation to eat steak at the Herzog household.


47th Greasing of the Poles

One of my favourite NOLA traditions is this one because it is sure to piss off the humourless authoritarian cultural Marxists, forever doomed to piss in the wind. Read about it.

purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power

Jazz and Philosophy Intermodal Conference

This event was brought to my attention by Martin Rosenberg, one of conference speakers and a contributor to the forthcoming themed C+T issue on jazz. Here is the conference website.


Ernie K-Doe

The birthday of one of New Orleans’ great characters. Read all about Ernie here.

Antoinette also led a tongue-in-cheek campaign for K-Doe’s election for mayor of hurricane-ravaged New Orleans in 2006, five years after his death. She is quoted as saying, “He’s the only one qualified—that’s my opinion.”