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Sweet Emma Barrett

Born 120 years ago. See her Know Louisiana entry. dirty blueshumourinnuendoJazzmusicnew orleanspianoPreservation Hall Jazz BandSweet Emma Barrett

Hall and Oats Speak

First, revisiting Daryl Hall in Salon on the incoherence and idiocy of “cultural appropriation” (nothing more than a species of crude rationalistic fundamentalism, a classic marker of the authoritarian mindset, arrogant enough to think that the mercurial nature of a healthy culture should/could be controlled); and second, John Oats has a memoir about to appear. daryl hallhall and…


Against the odds, still with us. Happy 74th birthday. acid soulmusicpsychedelic funksly and the family stone

Working Class Hero

The very underrated Matt Monro (Terry Parsons, Fred Flange) always gives respite from the unrelenting dissonance of the day. I know this is controversial but I’ve always thought that he was far more interesting than Sinatra, Como, Williams and the like (and to their credit they pretty much acknowledged this). For my money Nat King Cole was…

See Red: New Deltaphonic

Having spent the day previewing Deltaphonic’s forthcoming release See Red I’m pleased to report that they are very much on form. Given that their last album Texas, Texas set the bar so high, one had to wonder if they could ever approximate that again (this was the bind that Television found themselves in after Marquee Moon).…