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The Baron of Bulawayo

I notice that Marshall’s website has been revamped. Browsing through I rediscovered some paintings I hadn’t given a close enough look in the prior iteration of the website. Merle, Marshall’s sister, very kindly allowed me to use one of his paintings here. My brief thoughts on Marshall from a few years back here. aestheticsArtbulawayoMarshall Baronmusicpainting

SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock

Though I don’t think this is a very good documentary, it survives deeper analysis because of Mick Rock’s unpretentious geezer-like attitude and, of course, because of the compelling subject matter. Rock, as the cliche goes, “is the man who shot the seventies”. I had the opportunity to catch a modest exhibit of his work at…

Duelling Bowies

Steve Coogan​ & @RobBrydon​ reenacting the moment David Bowie​ followed Rob on @Twitter is possibly Scene Of The Year 2017. #TheTripToSpain — Sky Atlantic (@skyatlantic) April 21, 2017 Also check out Ricky Gervais’ proto-The Office cringe-fest for a good giggle. comedyDavid Bowiemusicricky gervaisRob Brydonsteve coogan

Walk on by

My two favourite (and on paper, improbable) versions. The former is very Morricone-ish; the latter funky punkish. BURT BACHARACHEnnio MorriconeHal Davidisaac hayesmusicthe stranglerswalk on by