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Budgie is, as several have noted, one of the most underrated and the most distinctive of the early “metal” bands of the ’70s, but far quirkier than Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. An example of their quirkiness being their rendition of Big Joe Williams’ classic “Baby, Please Don’t Go”. If you’ve never heard Budgie you’d think that, at…

American Epic

Documentary debuting this evening on PBS — the trailer here. AMERICAN EPIC represents a ten-year odyssey by Allison McGourty, director Bernard MacMahon, musician Duke Erikson, and audio engineer Nicholas Bergh, that involved tracking down countless long forgotten musicians, restoring the music that they recorded and reassembling the technology that created it. Along the way they brought…

Life + Death: Chairmen of the Board

A classic bit of acid funk to blow away the past week, a world away from “Give Me Just A Little More Time”. As per usual AllMusic gets it. Here are a couple of obits for General Johnson in The Guardian and The New York Times. acid funkacid soulchairmen of the boardgeneral johnsonmusicpsychedelic funk