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Herzl’s Bicycle

Marking Theodor Herzl’s birth date. The top photo is of a mini sculpture near the Budapest synagogue and is based on the second photo on display in the Vienna Jewish Museum. The third photo is of the actual bicycle, also on display in the Vienna Jewish Museum. Read Herzl’s The Jewish State here; an audio book…

Palgrave Studies in Classical Liberalism

Thank you to all the authors, volume editors, the behind the scenes editorial support at Palgrave and last, but not least, to the external referees, for making this a most dynamic and ecumenical series. With several titles in the pipeline the next year promises to be equally exciting. Austrian Economicsclassical liberalismphilosophy of social sciencepolitical economyPolitical philosophy

Michael Oakeshott: born on this date

For those who’ve never read that most subtle, cultivated, humane and refined of minds Michael Oakeshott’s concerns resonate as deeply as ever. For the novice, I’d recommend his mid-career Rationalism in Politics, a most elegant collection of essays. A more difficult, but for me the vital underpinning cutting across all his work, is his equally elegant and…