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A Festschrift for Barry Smith

I have never met Barry Smith in person but over the years he has been incredibly helpful and supportive of my various philosophical enterprises. Having only been familiar with Hayek’s social philosophy, it was Barry who first brought me to Hayek’s philosophical psychology and for that alone I’m especially grateful. Unlike so many in your…

Brentano, Kafka and Hayek

While working on a Barry Smith related project I was reminded of two fascinating papers by this incredibly productive, eclectic and just downright decent and responsive bloke whose work in ontology has had real and positive practical import for medical science. As you might be aware, many philosophers these days are in the business of self-aggrandizement, “activism posing as…

Conservatism: Analytically Reconsidered

The new issue of The Monist: “This special issue is motivated by the observation that conservatism plays a marginal role in contemporary philosophy even though it appears to be of considerable importance in moral, social, and political reality. One reason for this neglect is that defenders of conservatism have often refrained from articulating their arguments…

Ontological Engineering

Barry Smith, “the ontology king”, has made freely available his Fall 2013 Ontological Engineering class. There is no better resource than here. Barry SmithKnowledge ManagementKnowledge RepresentationmetaphyicsOntologiesOntologyOntology engineeringPhilosophy

Can science ever explain consciousness?

Anil Seth, Chris Frith and Barry Smith (of Birkbeck, not Buffalo!) outline the topography in a podcast. Anil SethBarry SmithChris FrithCognitionCognitive neuroscienceCognitive sciencecomplexityconsciousnessEmbodied cognitionMagnetic resonance imagingneurosciencePhilosophy of mindqualia