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What Mary Didn’t Know

If the title and the video has no resonance then check out Jackson’s later eponymously titled paper. For a conspectus of the industry generated by Jackson’s thought experiment see Qualia: The Knowledge Argument. Most will probably know Dorian Electra from her video “I’m in Love with Friedrich Hayek” (see second vid): the Mary video is infinitely sharper,…

Hubig’s Pies

It’s been just over a week since Hubig’s Pies burnt to the ground. To get a sense of the importance of this institution here is no less the NYT and the local view from foodHubigHubig’s New Orleans Style Pieshubig’s piesnew orleansPies and Pastry

Biking, boozing and nosebagging

Once one has worked the brashness and tat of Bourbon Street through one’s system the best way to discover NOLA is to take a bicycle tour through the Confederacy of Cruisers. Not only is the owner/operator Jeff Shyman a history buff giving a warts and all appreciation of NOLA but he is also another “character” that…

Of the External Senses

This essay is well worth a read. H/T to Brian Glenney for bringing it to my attention (I hang my head in shame for not having read it before). Adam SmithCognitionCognitive neuroscienceCognitive scienceDavid HumeDescartesEssayexternal worldhumeLockePhilosophyPhilosophy of mindqualiaSmithSocial SciencesTreatise of Human Nature