Biking, boozing and nosebagging

Once one has worked the brashness and tat of Bourbon Street through one’s system the best way to discover NOLA is to take a bicycle tour through the Confederacy of Cruisers. Not only is the owner/operator Jeff Shyman a history buff giving a warts and all appreciation of NOLA but he is also another “character” that has found refuge in the bohemian enclave that is NOLA. And the great thing is that the highest incline (if I recall correctly) is only 6 inches and the bikes have pedal breaks leaving one hand free to knock back a beer as you ride.

We’re fairly simple here at Confederacy of Cruisers…We like to enjoy our city; meaning  we like to bike, and we like to drink. We like to give tours and take people to out of the way spots and give them a taste of the neighborhoods of New Orleans, and now we found a way to combine all of that. The drink holders are hooked up to the handlebars and we roll on Mondays,  Thursdays and Fridays at 10:15 AM.

AND there are no civic injunctions to wear a helmet and bubble wrap. And if you are looking for the best recommendations for food and music on a budget, Jeff’s the man to ask.

These tours will give you an understanding of the joy it is to spend a life in one of America’s food meccas. The intersection of flavors from the earliest French settlers, the Africans both free and slaves, along with the waves of later immigrants such as the Italians and our country cousins, the Cajuns all give New Orleans a culture that not only loves great food, but lives it. We’ll bike through the Creole side of town stopping at a few personally picked spots that will let you sample local cuisine. Come hungry, the calories we burn will not even touch the number we consume. And a friendly warning, this tour is not for faint stomaches…we eat a lot and we eat New Orleans style, pigs and seafood make up the bulk of our culinary experience; folks with special dietary needs should let us know in advance so we can see if we are able to accomodate you.

If one can’t let ones “special dietary needs” lapse for one day, then you will miss out on one of the greatest qualic experiences you’ll ever have – even better than congress with your wished-for sexual mate. But if you are there with a foodie paramour, you are in for one hell of a time. One of the greatest days of my life began with a CC tour and through Jeff’s guidance worked my way through the Frenchman Street clubs, typically with no cover. One can walk in just for the music and not spend a dime. And the age demographic is thoroughly mixed: young and young at heart are all drawn by the music and the dancing. Maine’s claim to the tag line “The Way Life Should Be” is even more applicable to NOLA.