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New Orleans: A Literary History

This could be interesting since it includes Cory MacLauchlin’s “A Flaneur in the French Quarter and Beyond: John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy Of Dunces.“ a confederacy of duncesCory MacLauchlinJohn Kennedy Toolenew orleansphilosophical literatureT.R. Johnson

A Confederacy of Dunces: Stephen Fry on his decades-long struggle to adapt the most unfilmable book ever written

From The Telegraph, by Alexander Larman. As per the cover art, the edited book Theology and Geometry is in press. +++++++++ In 1969, the 31-year old, would-be author John Kennedy Toole killed himself. Frustrated and miserable that his magnum opus, a picaresque New Orleans-set comic novel entitled A Confederacy of Dunces, had failed to find a publisher,…

Doreen Ketchens and Ricky Riccardi

Good to see Doreen &c. featured in the latest issue of OffBeat. I’ve spoken to her several times when I’ve come across her cnr. Royal and St. Peter. As she says, she is typically asked “‘What do you have new?’ So we try to do an album every year.” This article sheds much light on Doreen’s…