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Royal Southern Brotherhood’s The Royal Gospel

Usually when the hyperbolic term “supergroup” is used that alone is enough to dissuade me from listening. This group so far, is an exception. At least on their latest album they offer a powerful and seamless emergent blend of funk, gospel and blues — it doesn’t get much better than this. bluesfunkgospelmusicnew orleansRoyal Southern Brotherhood

Billington on Booker

Producer extraordinaire Scott Billington talks about the making of Classified. For a detailed insight into Booker, see Scott in fascinating Bayou Maharajah: James Booker Story. James Bookermusicnew orleanspianoScott Billington

Dr. John’s Gumbo

Released 45 years ago. Original Rolling Stone review. It was partly Harold’s idea, a few years ago, for the former New Orleans session musician, Mac Rebennack, to assume the persona of a mysterious voodoo character Dr. John, and it was Harold who collected the musicians together to concoct the gris-gris sound. bluesDr. Johnfunkmac Rebennackmusicnew orleanspiano

Deltaphonic’s “See Red” Release Party

This Sunday get your butt down to D.B.A. for some fan firkin tastic music from the superb Deltaphonic. If you appreciate the sweet spot that is the confluence of all that is good about gritty “outlaw” Americana peppered with many a poetic moment, then this band is for you. I’ve listened to “See Red” a good 20 times now…

The Cosimo Code

To commemorate the birth of Cosimo Matassa here is a newly launched website with everything you wanted to know about the legend and much more. Very nicely done indeed. Unsurprisingly, there is a vital UK connection in cracking the cataloging code and reconstituting the library of recordings, i.e. the obsessive need to track down obscure US records…

Red Beans and Rice Winner

The first ever winner of NOLA’s red beans and rice competition is Chef Cedrick Lewis of Cornet. For $14 well worth checking out his handiwork as well as the runner up Avery’s Monday (of course) special for $8.75. Full report here. A New Orleans classic, seasoned with the “Holy Trinity” of spices topped with a green onion smoked sausage and…

Sweet Emma Barrett

Born 120 years ago. See her Know Louisiana entry. dirty blueshumourinnuendoJazzmusicnew orleanspianoPreservation Hall Jazz BandSweet Emma Barrett