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I, John Kennedy Toole

Well, this one came from left field. A novelized true story? One has to wonder what more can be said in addition to Cory MacLauchlin’s superb biography but I will withhold judgment until I’ve read it. Ironically, published by Simon and Shyster (Robert Gottlieb), the very publisher that made such heavy weather of Ken’s book. . .…

“Amusingness Forced to Figure Itself Out”: Ignatius J. Reilly, Aesthetic Individualism, and the Modernism of Anti-Modernism

Available via — — — Barnes  & Noble — — Indi Bound — Kobo — and last but not least, if you want to take advantage of a 30% discount (code available here), go directly to Rowman & Littlefield. Chapter 3 — Kenneth B. McIntyre a confederacy of duncesJohn Kennedy TooleKenneth B. McIntyrephilosophical…

Mr. Toole

Surprisingly enough, I hadn’t come across this before. Apparently the playwright was a student of Toole’s. If you are a Confederacy fan catch the show here. a confederacy of duncesJohn Kennedy Toolenew orleansVivian Neuwirth

John Kennedy Toole

A belated commemoration of JKT’s birthday yesterday. Everything you need to know about Toole can be found here (documentary), here (biography) and here (review of aforementioned bio). Stay tuned for the forthcoming collection of essays on Confederacy and the theatrical feature based upon JKT bio. When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that…

A Confederacy of Dunces: Stephen Fry on his decades-long struggle to adapt the most unfilmable book ever written

From The Telegraph, by Alexander Larman. As per the cover art, the edited book Theology and Geometry is in press. +++++++++ In 1969, the 31-year old, would-be author John Kennedy Toole killed himself. Frustrated and miserable that his magnum opus, a picaresque New Orleans-set comic novel entitled A Confederacy of Dunces, had failed to find a publisher,…

“Ken” Toole

It’s been fifty years since the loss of this man. Gone but certainly not forgotten. If anything, his star has never been as high. Paying my respects. Ducoing Tomb, Greenwood Cemetery a confederacy of duncesJohn Kennedy Toolenew orleansphilosophical literatureWalker Percy

A fat, freakish hero lives again

John Sutherland discusses A Confederacy of Dunces’ recent surge. Stay tuned for a collection of essays on Dunces forthcoming this summer. Stephen Fry has long since touted the virtues of this novel. This said, the The Big Yin does have top-notch taste. a confederacy of duncesBilly ConnollyJohn Kennedy TooleJohn Sutherlandphilosophical literaturestephen fry