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Automated Liberalism?

H/T Brian Smith. This from the Law & Liberty blog.     Age of EnlightenmentArtificial intelligencebenjamin constantilliberalismJames PoulosJohn Stuart MillLiberalismNetwork ScienceSocial network

Liturgy of Liberalism

Adrian Vermeule’s review of Ryszard Legutko’s The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies.   Adrian VermeuleAge of EnlightenmentdemocracyfreedomLiberalismPolitical philosophyRyszard Legutkototalitarianism

How Brexit shattered progressives’ dearest illusions

a quasi-eschatological faith in historical progress Well put Damon! Here is one of the more insightful, philosophically literate and least hysterical or pompous analyses. On this topic I have written the following in a forthcoming paper. Epistemic humility is not seen as a cultural virtue: it is the zeitgeist of the modern age that we exist…