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How Brexit shattered progressives’ dearest illusions

a quasi-eschatological faith in historical progress Well put Damon! Here is one of the more insightful, philosophically literate and least hysterical or pompous analyses. On this topic I have written the following in a forthcoming paper. Epistemic humility is not seen as a cultural virtue: it is the zeitgeist of the modern age that we exist…


The left’s version of the Tea Party

Rubin’s show has become one of the leading venues for discussing what he sees as the left’s betrayal of true liberalism . . . “You can’t stay you’re for gay rights but then be OK when certain people throw gays off roofs in the name of religion,” Rubin said. “All religions are a set of ideas.…

Brexit The Movie: Always allow 18 inches between chair and furniture

“Always allow 18 inches between chair and furniture . . .” (21:41 — 24:28: here the distinction and value between enterprise association and civil association gets profoundly disregarded). This mentality (30:53-31:50) has been institutionalized within the academy and the intelligentsia at large. From 33:28 your day begins . . . “terrified by towels”. “Trade was all about the great…


The Morality of Freedom/Morals by Agreement

It’s been thirty years since arguably the last great works of liberal political philosophy in the analytical tradition appeared, setting aside Rawls’ Political Liberalism from 1993. The Morality of Freedom is freely available  — click image. David GauthierJohn Rawlsjoseph razLiberalismmoral philosophyperfectionist liberalismPolitical philosophy