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This posted under the FirstView section of EPISTEME. Glad to see the implications (or not) between EM and (social) epistemology are now being examined quite regularly — a connection I’ve been making for several years now. Next development — stigmergic epistemology, something my co-author and I have been working on for a while . . . Benjamin JarvisEPISTEMEExtended…

Social Epistemology

The SEP entry on social epistemology has been revised. Things have come along way since Chris, Alvin and I got EPISTEME going. What’s conspicuously missing is that aside from Hutchins, this revision hasn’t assimilated the “situated” cognition or social externalism (Hayek — dispersed, Simon — bounded, Oakeshott — traditional, Gallagher — extended) literature, which to be…

Social Epistemology: 5 Questions

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