Page @ 78

What’s that he’s rolling across the stage, it looks like the one used by Jimmy Page, like a relic from a different age — Rock Show, Wings

IMHO, rock and roll’s Wagner

Vernon Smith

Happy 95th to Vernon.

STOCKHOLM , SWEDEN – DECEMBER 10: American Dr. Vernon L. Smith poses with his award during the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony at the Concert Hall on December 10, 2002 in Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Smith shared the prize in Economic Sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel with Professor Daniel Kahneman of Israel. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

The Cognitive Dimension

The always subtle (philosophically, historically, and most especially, sociologically) Stephen Turner. His piece is freely available here.

Learning the Good Life: Wisdom from the Great Hearts and Minds that Came Before

Keep an eye out for this forthcoming compendium, coedited by the very excellent Jessica Hooten Wilson.

Philosophical Haiku: Philo of Alexandria

Check out this little snippet from Philosophy Now. Simultaneously, via Plato and the Wisdom literature, Philo offered a key theological-philosophical thread to the Fourth Gospel and the Early Church writ large. Moreover, a closer (and neglected) look at the sociology of Philo’s time/context, offers enticing clues for understanding the complexity of modern Jewish identity.

Booker’s Birthday

Today marks the birth of the keyboard genius, James Booker. Check out the Booker documentary to learn more about the amazing character that was Booker.