Stigmergic epistemology, stigmergic cognition

Cognitive Systems Research Volume 9, Issues 1–2, March 2008, Pages 136-149. As improbable as this might sound there is a bit of Hayek, Oakeshott and Marx in here.


The Poet Laureate of Englishness

Here is a new review essay in The Atlantic. Here too are The New York TimesThe Guardian, London Review of Books and Washington Post.


An Interview with Louis Armstrong House’s Research Director, Ricky Riccardi

An interview with the keeper of the flame — truly an officer and a gentleman. The shot below really captures the essence of this wonderful man with the safest of hands: a more appropriate guardian of one of the 20th Century’s most important cultural legacies one will not find. Every Pops fan needs to make a pilgrimage to the Louis Armstrong House Museum and if you are New York-based you have no excuse at all not to.

Ricky Riccardi, the museum’s Director of Research Collections, is an ebullient man whose love for Louis is surpassed only by his desire to share his depth of knowledge about his icon with others.


Odd fellows: academic ideas about racing certainties

More Oakeshottiana. Geoffrey Wheatcroft reviews the reissue of A Guide to the Classics in the TLS.


Sir Alistair MacFarlane on Michael Oakeshott

Sir Alistair MacFarlane on the significance of Oakeshott in Philosophy Now. I wouldn’t have guessed that the featured portrait painting is of Oakeshott: it is indeed Maurice Cranston.