What Is a Cognitive System?: In Defense of the Conditional Probability of Co-contribution Account

The most excellent Rob Rupert’s latest article. (A late draft available here).


A Philosopher’s Economist: Hume and the Rise of Capitalism

This forthcoming title promises to be a fascinating read. Hopefully it delivers.


A Catholic Novel for a Post-Truth World

Review of Randy Boyagoda’s latest novel Original Prin in The American Interest.


The Journal of Mind and Behavior: Vol. 40, No. 2

Featuring three reviews that I commissioned.





Cruel to Be Kind: The Life and Music of Nick Lowe

Some fuckwit marketing executive/editor must have come up with this lazy and naff title. I can’t imagine Will Birch would have come up with this. The North American cover is better than the UK version. I’m sure there could have been a dozen or more other song titles that would have been more apropos and poetic. Hopefully, though, the book will be a cracking read.