The Propeller Experiment Controller

Latest (special) issue of JMB.


Principles of Politics under Complexity

Super distillation of the sources and conditions of liberality.

Cajun culture

Unsurprisingly, much like all the individually rich cultural streams that feed emergent Louisiana culture, music and food plays a profound role in Cajun culture. Look out for this documentary “On Va Continuer!” and explore this excellent guide to the Cajun Bayou country and especially the Food Trail.


Mindscapes and Landscapes: Hayek and Simon on Cognitive Extension

Chapter 9 from Hayek and Behavioral Economics.

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The Classical Liberal Case for Privacy in a World of Surveillance and Technological Change

The very excellent Chris Berg’s forthcoming book.


Percy, Peirce, and Parsifal: Intuition’s Farther Shore

In Walker Percy, Philosopher

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It was the third of September

A classic of funkedelia and social commentary that the groovy set were/and still are tone deaf to. Some insight into it’s recording can be found here.