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The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

Check out this close-grained discussion and analysis of this most unusual masterpiece (in subject matter at least) by Peter Viney but before one gets to it see this background article. Flannery O’Connorlevon helmmusicPeter VineyRobbie Robertsonthe bandWalker Percy

The Band

I guess the name couldn’t have been more prescient — THE band! IMHO this is the greatest band of all for many reasons as nicely set out in this documentary (yet another excellent installment to the Classic album series). The three primary and inextricably linked markers of their greatness: 1. indifferent to mainstream musical fashion;…

Remembering Bobby Charles

It’s been just over five years since Bobby Charles died. Here is his fascinating story on NPR. So many of his songs have resonance for me, a good-natured wistfullness despite the subject matter. “He was so unpretentious and laid-back. On further investigation, you’d find out he wrote all these incredible songs.” In his younger years, Mr.…