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Dr. John’s Gumbo

Released 45 years ago. Original Rolling Stone review. It was partly Harold’s idea, a few years ago, for the former New Orleans session musician, Mac Rebennack, to assume the persona of a mysterious voodoo character Dr. John, and it was Harold who collected the musicians together to concoct the gris-gris sound. bluesDr. Johnfunkmac Rebennackmusicnew orleanspiano

Eating raccoon with Dr. John

I had a birthday dinner at GW Fins — Mac’s predilections for raccoon and squirrel were sadly not on the menu :) — Article in The Times-Picayune   On blues musicians, generally: “I never knew there were so many guys named Slim.” On Aunt Guerneri, who was Sicilian: “She was prejudiced against all Italians.” On iconic record…

Dr. John’s Spirit is Lacking

A lukewarm review of Dr. John’s latest. Others think differently — here, here and here. Having seen the good doc’s lackluster performance of a few years ago, my hopes aren’t high — admittedly 60% of the audience were there for the support act that blew him away — The Blind Boys of Alabama (featured on this album).…