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The Radiators: Welcome to the Monkey House

Just released. Below is a sample of one of their party pieces “fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke” — a sentiment that seems appropos in light of recent events in the UK. Now in their 40th year here’s a write up commemorating their 20th anniversary. fishhead musicfunkLouisianamusicnew orleansRadiatorsswamp rock

Remembering Gary Thain

One of the all-time bass greats. Glad to see that there are a few Thain aficionados out there. Audio Culture has a rough and ready page dedicated to the man. This YouTube comment pretty much sums up his status. bassgary thainuriah heep

Form and Function in Human Song

Here’s a recent open access paper in Current Biology along with a journalistic write-up in The Harvard Gazette. The present research provides evidence for the existence of recurrent, perceptible features of three domains of vocal music across 86 human societies and for the striking consistency of form-function percepts across listeners from around the globe—listeners who presumably…