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The original version of Breadfan with a snippet of Winston Churchill’s famous acceptance speech included (subsequently deleted for copyright reasons). There is a dearth of good articles about Budgie but this is the best one I’ve come across. Budgie’s fanatical grass-roots following was in total contrast to the slating they regularly suffered from the music…

Fess Up: Professor Longhair

Still in NOLA here is a newly curated anthology of the life and works of Professor Longhair (this year marks the centenary of his birth), originally documented by the late Stevenson J. Palfi. That “Piano Players Rarely Ever Play Together” is quite true, but we are lucky to have had the Fats-Ray-Jerry summit from thirty years…

The Radiators: Welcome to the Monkey House

Just released. Below is a sample of one of their party pieces “fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke” — a sentiment that seems appropos in light of recent events in the UK. Now in their 40th year here’s a write up commemorating their 20th anniversary. fishhead musicfunkLouisianamusicnew orleansRadiatorsswamp rock