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John Paul Jones

Happy birthday. The least godly of rock gods? — 20 Things You Didn’t Know John Paul Jones Did Basically it was a soul rhythm section with a rock-and-roll front line bassjohn paul joneskeyboardsLed Zeppelinrhythm and bluesrock and roll

Peter Green

Peter Green died today. See this article on Green in Guitar World. Peter Green is, arguably, the most underrated guitarist of the British mid-’60s blues boom, consistently relegated to a position somewhere below the holy triumvirate of Clapton, Beck and Page. fleetwood macguitarPeter greenrhythm and blues

Red is a Mean Mean Colour

Taking opportunity to use today to reassess my twitter feed. If you’re implying that working-class voters are thick, heartless, or fascist, or blindly believe what media tells them, then I’m unfollowing on grounds of general bad judgement (and feel free to reciprocate) — Kathleen Stock (@Docstockk) December 13, 2019 Comrades, the Five Year Plan was…