Saw her twice in this period. I made chums with Tina’s back up singer from Georgia whom I met in London 1986 (via his girlfriend who’d I met at Chemical Bank in the Strand) and who’d come over with the I+TB supporting the Stones in ’69. (He introduced me to James Brown). I saw Tina front row before she was reintroduced to a mass audience in the mid-80s (actually ’79). We were in the cheap seats and Tina called us upfront to fill the pricey seats (I was there two consecutive nights). The show was as a sharp as it could be — even with 40 year’s hindsight. I still have in my mind’s eye the moves of her backup singers, and the sound and the light show. The guitar (Ike) on “Nutbush” (the recording) still holds water with anything that Zep, Sabbath or Purple guitarists would come up with from 50 years back. Fundamental.