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Peter Green

Peter Green died today. See this article on Green in Guitar World. Peter Green is, arguably, the most underrated guitarist of the British mid-’60s blues boom, consistently relegated to a position somewhere below the holy triumvirate of Clapton, Beck and Page. fleetwood macguitarPeter greenrhythm and blues

Red is a Mean Mean Colour

Taking opportunity to use today to reassess my twitter feed. If you’re implying that working-class voters are thick, heartless, or fascist, or blindly believe what media tells them, then I’m unfollowing on grounds of general bad judgement (and feel free to reciprocate) — Kathleen Stock (@Docstockk) December 13, 2019 Comrades, the Five Year Plan was…

Jeff Lynne’s ELO

If ever there was a sound that captured the upbeat 70s it would have to be ELO. Whether one was into rock ‘n roll, prog-rock, power pop (even Abba-rites doff their hats), or disco and much in-between, pretty much anyone could get behind ELO’s infectious hooks, lush tongue-in-cheek bombast, danceability and classy production. This emphasis…