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A Different ‘Darkness at Noon’

As this year marks the centenary of the Russian Revolution I’m astonished by the ubiquitous uncritical flirtation with this brand of totalitarianism, the body count far exceeding that of even the Nazis. As someone who has read Darkness at Noon several times, a book given to me by someone who used to have sympathies, Michael Scammell makes…

Everything Is Going To Be All Right

Everything is Going to Be All Right, by Jared Ragland, is a photographic meditation on Walker Percy’s classic novel of New Orleans, The Moviegoer . . . Ragland is Binx Bolling with a camera. existentialismJared Raglandnew orleansphilosophical literaturephotographythe moviegoerWalker Percy

The Nightmare

A favourite From the start, caricaturists also adopted Fuseli’s composition, and political figures from Napoleon Bonaparte to President George W. Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have all been lampooned in satirical versions of Fuseli’s painting. ArtdreamsEdgar Allan PoeHenry FuseliJungmary shellypaintingphilosophical literatureromanticismshakespeareSigmund Freudsubconscious

Walker Percy Wednesday 153

Because I believe that God exists and that he created the Cosmos (the Big Bang, as you vulgarly call it, embarrasses you, Aristarchus, doesn’t it?), that he created man through evolution, in the latest moment of which, perhaps the last Ice Age, man became ensouled and came to himself as man, body and spirit; that God…

Walker Percy Wednesday 152

For us, consciousness of self is no different from consciousness of anything else. A self here is an individual self yet also a self among other selves. C2 selves vary from moment to moment from self-grandiosity to self-refusal, from being the infinite great self in the world to being the worst and the least self—because…