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Robert Musil

Born on this date (6 November). Here is Roger Kimball’s well-known take. Here too is The Monist issue dedicated to “The Philosophy of Robert Musil” and Mette Blok’s article “Robert Musil’s Literary Ethics: The Man without Qualities Reconsidered“. Musil’s debut The Confusions of Young Törless is freely available here as is Vol. I of his masterpiece The Man Without Qualities. Last,…

Bowie’s Bookshelf

Pretty naff cover what with the Aladdin Sane lightening bolt layered over a decent photo. The UK cover is better. Anyway, the books (and periodicals) have a strong dose both of sophisticated and pretty basic humour, counterposed by books of philosophical interest, especially if one is wary of regressive Leftism. The following are the most…

New Orleans: A Literary History

This could be interesting since it includes Cory MacLauchlin’s “A Flaneur in the French Quarter and Beyond: John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy Of Dunces.“ a confederacy of duncesCory MacLauchlinJohn Kennedy Toolenew orleansphilosophical literatureT.R. Johnson