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The economics of political correctness

Here’s a very sharp and interesting take on what I’ve been calling virtue-signaling. The article is a couple of years old but nonetheless it is as incisiveness and salient as ever especially to one who has a basic grasp of market price signals and coordination dynamics. Isn’t it telling that despite academia being firmly under the regressive left’s management…


Farts and philosophy

Christina Pazsitzky, comedian and philosophy major, talks about her approach. These days it seems that a significant number of philosophers have long-since traded in TRUTH for self-aggrandizing activism posing as inquiry and so now, more than ever, the health of liberal culture depends on the Shakespearean fool pricking the elites, the common clay, and everything in-between — some of…


David Stove

I know that I may well cop a lot of flack disclosing that I’m a fan of David Stove. One colleague called Stove the worst curmudgeon he’d ever come across, a writer that had the ability to rub many constituencies up the wrong way. Be that as it may, I find Stove a great writer…