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Richard Flathman: The Reluctant Liberal

Richard Flathman who died last year has a posthumous collection of essays coming out within the year. I’ve always had a high regard for RF since he seemed far more philosophically informed (analytically speaking) than most other political philosophers of his generation. Thus we got on very well when he chaired a panel I was…

The Secret People

David Marquand in the New Statesman on “something is stirring among Chesterton’s secret people”. Here is a review of Marquand’s Mammon’s Kingdom: An Essay on Britain England and the English now face the primordial questions that face all self-conscious political communities: “Who are we?”, “Who do we want to be?” At bottom, these questions are philosophical, in a…


Oakeshott as Conservative

Rob Devigne (or maybe it’s really Jack Nicholson) looks at Oakeshott’s ostensibly conservative stance – as several in this volume point out, this is very tricky territory indeed. Oakeshott is not a conservative that even most self-avowed conservatives would typically recognise. The identification of Michael Oakeshott with conservatism is fraught with debate. To be sure, some…


Discount on Oakeshott Companion

In anticipation of the publication date (October) Penn State University Press are offering a 20% discount off the cover price of A Companion to Michael Oakeshott – download form here. Michael OakeshottPenn State University Press


Antifoundationalist in spite of himself?

Here’s a review of Aryeh Botwinick’s recent book Michael Oakeshott’s Skepticism by my co-editor Paul Franco. Here is the opening salvo: This is a strange book. From the title, one might expect that it would take up Oakeshott’s complicated understanding and deployment of skepticism throughout his philosophical career; perhaps also his relationship to such favorite skeptical…