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Ved Mehta

I have just learnt that the author of the minor post-War philosophical classic Fly and the Fly-Bottle: Encounters with British Intellectuals, has died: New York Times — The New Yorker. Analytic philosophyernst gellnerGilbert RyleIsaiah BerlinLudwig WittgensteinOxfordVed Mehta

The State of German Philosophy

This very unusual piece on the state of German philosophy in the thoughtful Foreign Policy, still one of the better mags given how noticeably downhill The Economist and The Atlantic have gone. On the whole there is nothing wrong with popular philosophy so long as it is not peddling yet more reheated neo-Marxist Frankfurt School postmodern shite…

Hubert Dreyfus

Obit here. Reports of my demise are not exaggerated. — Hubert Dreyfus (@hubertdreyfus) April 22, 2017 AICognitive sciencedistributed cognitionEmbodied cognitive scienceexistentialismHubert DreyfusMartin HeideggerphenomenologyPhilosophy of mindsituated cognition

The Fragmentation of Philosophy, the Road to Reintegration

The always interesting and civilized Susan Haack. “You don’t have an area” she asked, in the incredulous tone in which some people sometimes ask me, “you don’t have a cellphone?” . . . I would urge, first, that philosophers and would-be philosophers heed Locke’s shrewd counsel: that, instead of reading only one kind of book and listening to only…

On Hating and Despising Philosophy

Bernard Williams in the LRB reprinted in Essays and Reviews: 1959-2002. An update, see: The London Review of Books. As long as there has been such a subject as philosophy, there have been people who hated and despised it. I do not want to exaggerate, in a self-pitying or self-dramatising way, the present extent or intensity of this dislike; I…

Why Study Philosophy?

This from The Atlantic. Philosophyphilosophy of economicsPhilosophy of EducationPhilosophy of historyPhilosophy of LanguagePhilosophy of mindphilosophy of religionPhilosophy of sciencephilosophy of social science