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E. J. Lowe (1950 – 2014)

This announcement (below) posted on PHILOS-L. Jonathan years back very kindly sent me a copy of his The Possibility of Metaphysics (1998) and A Survey of Metaphysics (2002). Here is an interview with Jonathan. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Professor E. J. (Jonathan) Lowe. Jonathan was born in Dover,…

Ontological Engineering

Barry Smith, “the ontology king”, has made freely available his Fall 2013 Ontological Engineering class. There is no better resource than here. Barry SmithKnowledge ManagementKnowledge RepresentationmetaphyicsOntologiesOntologyOntology engineeringPhilosophy

Qualia on Philosophy TV

Richard Brown (ebullient blogger at Philosophy Sucks!) and Keith Frankish discuss qualia on Philosophy TV. Richard’s dog Frankie chimes in as well.