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Why Study Philosophy?

This from The Atlantic. Philosophyphilosophy of economicsPhilosophy of EducationPhilosophy of historyPhilosophy of LanguagePhilosophy of mindphilosophy of religionPhilosophy of sciencephilosophy of social science

Plantinga and Noë on the science vs religion debate

Noë reviews Plantinga’s latest book. from a naturalistic point of view, we have every reason to doubt that our cognitive faculties are reliable. Therefore we can’t seriously believe naturalism. For to believe it would be to have grounds for doubting the reliability of our own inclinations to believe it. Alvin Plantingaand NaturalismChristopher HitchensExistence of GodReligionWhere…

A Companion to Michael Oakeshott (Again)

We know it’s been a long time in coming but we have some blindingly superb essays comprising this volume. In lieu of conventional abstracts here is an extract from Paul and my introductory essay. For a full table of contents and a dedicated website see here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Editorial Extract The first two essays deal with…

Anglo-American Idealism

I want to give a plug for this new book edited by James Connelly and Stamatoula Panagakou. They have worked tirelessly in keeping interest in idealism alive and have brought together a who’s who of experts in this field. However unfashionable and derided idealism might be, I for one still find it a fertile tradition…

Big Thinkers: Dennett

Here is a programme featuring Dennett that I hadn’t heretofore come across. Glad to see Dennett as busy and pugnacious as ever after his health scare a while back which he amusingly talks about here. Speaking of health, here is Dennett on Christopher Hitchens. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3