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Why Study Philosophy?

This from The Atlantic. Philosophyphilosophy of economicsPhilosophy of EducationPhilosophy of historyPhilosophy of LanguagePhilosophy of mindphilosophy of religionPhilosophy of sciencephilosophy of social science

Symposium on Mind in Life

Check out this special issue (Ed. Tobias Schlicht) of Journal of Consciousness Studies devoted to Evan Thompson’s Mind in Life. Participants include Dennett, Grush, Hutto, Siewert, Van Gulick, Wheeler, Zahavi and others. Journal of Consciousness Studies

Rob Wilson – Mind Spread

Tune into the live stream of Rob Wilson’s keynote talk at the ARPA. Rob is of course the author of the excellent Boundaries of the Mind.

Extended X: Recarving the Biological and Cognitive Joints of Nature

Mike Wheeler has put online some draft chapters dealing with extended mind from his forthcoming work. If you enjoyed Mike’s last book Reconstructing the Cognitive World: the Next Step as I did, then this new work promises much.

Mind in Life

I’ve just completed reading Evan Thompson’s Mind in Life: Biology, Phenomenology, and the Sciences of Mind, a work which I heartily endorse as the best statement yet of the enactivist theory of mind. I especially like his taking on the philosopher’s zombie and his chapter on Empathy and Enculturation. Last, but by no means least,…


The most dangerous untruths are truths moderately distorted.  ~Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Anthony Grayling’s article Don’t dismiss dishonesty, it can be virtuous takes wing from two law lecturer’s research (no citation given), who according to Grayling, say “that they have found that there is no consensus in our society about what honesty is.”  Grayling’s thesis, as interesting…

Ruth Millikan Lecture

The post-lecture reception for Ruth at NEI.  L-R: NEI director, David Livingtone Smith, Ruth, MWQ, NEI co-director Rob Haskell. Ruth graciously dealing with her fan club. See Larry Shapiro’s wonderful “intellectual love-letter.” Larry writes: Recently I was asked to deliver a comic paper about Ruth Millikan on the twenty fifth anniversary of her Language, Thought,…