Ruth Millikan Lecture


The post-lecture reception for Ruth at NEI.  L-R: NEI director, David Livingtone Smith, Ruth, MWQ, NEI co-director Rob Haskell.


Ruth graciously dealing with her fan club.

See Larry Shapiro’s wonderful “intellectual love-letter.” Larry writes:

Recently I was asked to deliver a comic paper about Ruth Millikan on the twenty fifth anniversary of her Language, Thought, and Other Biological Categories (Storrs: October 3-5, 2008). If you thought nothing funny could be said about LTOBC . . .

Also in attendance was Steve Kercel, who was a researcher in intelligent instrumentation at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Steve’s work centered on real-time implementations of wavelet-based sensors, and research on “bizarre systems,” among which is the human brain. Steve also worked with the late Paul Bach-y-Rita: that’s pretty impressive company. Here Steve tries to explain his incredibly complex ideas to myself and Subrena Smith, a philosopher at Cornell. dsc07732