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Robert Haskell

(1938-2010) My friend and colleague Robert Haskell passed away today. Rob was a very gentle, kind and generous man, a man with simple tastes but a man with immense philosophical sophistication. An example of his philosophical breadth and depth is his last published paper “The Access Paradox in Analogical Reasoning and Transfer: Whither Invariance?” Journal…

New England Institute for Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Studies

Check out the New England Institute for Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Studies iTunes U site. Click the launch bar: once it loads click the NEI box and at the bottom right hand side of the first category, click the box that looks like this: You will find Ruth Garrett Millikan’s recent lecture. Richard Wrangham Paul Roscoe

Ruth Millikan Lecture

The post-lecture reception for Ruth at NEI.  L-R: NEI director, David Livingtone Smith, Ruth, MWQ, NEI co-director Rob Haskell. Ruth graciously dealing with her fan club. See Larry Shapiro’s wonderful “intellectual love-letter.” Larry writes: Recently I was asked to deliver a comic paper about Ruth Millikan on the twenty fifth anniversary of her Language, Thought,…