Robert Haskell


My friend and colleague Robert Haskell passed away today. Rob was a very gentle, kind and generous man, a man with simple tastes but a man with immense philosophical sophistication. An example of his philosophical breadth and depth is his last published paper “The Access Paradox in Analogical Reasoning and Transfer: Whither Invariance?” Journal of Mind and Behavior (Vol.30 Nos. 1 and 2 Winter and Spring 2009). He will be sadly missed.

Below is a photo of Rob (far right, the usual scowl belying his gentle nature) at a reception for Ruth Millikan at NEI in April of 2008 – David Livingstone Smith, Rob’s longtime colleague and friend is on the far left. As and when more details are available from others on Rob’s work and life, and I have had a chance to reflect on his work, I will update this post.