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The Moral Lives of Animals

Check out this discussion featuring Mark Rowlands on the possibility. Of course, Mark aside from being a preeminent extended mind philosopher has the unusual experience of having lived with a wolf for a decade. animalsExtended MindExternalismMark Rowlandsmorality

The Extended Mind and Religious Thought Revisted

Here’s plug for a collection of EM papers from about three years ago The Extended Mind by Mark Rowlands Abstract & Keywords Persons and the Extended-Mind Thesis by Lynne Rudder Baker Abstract & Keywords Minds, Intrinsic Properties, and Madhyamaka Buddhism by Teed Rockwell Abstract & Keywords Empathy and the Extended Mind by Joel W. Krueger Abstract & Keywords Quintuple…

Review of Menary’s (ed.) The Extended Mind

Richard Menary’s long time coming The Extended Mind is reviewed here by  Joseph Ulatowski. CognitionCognitive neuroscienceCognitive scienceEmbodied cognitionExtended MindneurosciencePhilosophy of mindqualia

Madary reviews Rowlands

Check out this review (scroll down) by Michael Madary of Mark Rowlands’ The New Science of the Mind: From Extended Mind to Embodied Phenomenology. One of the latest labels to emerge for anti-classical (or non-Cartesian, or post-cognitivist) cognitive science is “4E.” The four Es here are the embodied, embedded, enacted, and extended approaches to cognition. Since there are…

Rupert Reviews Rowlands/Interview with Shapiro

These two items via Ken Aizawa’s blog. 1. Rob Rupert reviews Mark Rowlands’ latest 2. Ginger Campbell interviews Larry Shapiro (check out the companion episodes Ginger mentions)

James Bond and the Barking Dog: Evolution and Extended Cognition

Larry Shapiro has a new paper posted on his website. Prominent defenders of the extended cognition thesis have looked to evolutionary theory for support. Roughly, the idea is that natural selection leads one to expect that cognitive strategies should exploit the environment, and exploitation of the right sort results in a cognitive system that extends beyond the head…

Cognitive Science Research: Extended Mind Themed Issue

Here is my introduction to the themed issue of Cognitive Systems Research. The full collection is now available here.