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CFP: Philosophical Approaches to Social Neuroscience

Special Issue of Cognitive Systems Research Edited by Leslie Marsh (Medical School, University of British Columbia) and Philip Robbins (Department of Philosophy, University of Missouri) A Confluence of Interest It’s been twenty-five years or so since Gazzaniga’s (1985) empirically motivated work that understood the brain as a kind of hermeneutic device or “interpreter” that evolved in…

Extended Mind – Themed Issue of CSR

The full and sequential lineup of this special issue of CSR is now available as Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 311-408 (December 2010). Thanks to all – the contributors and the Elsevier type-setting team for making this such a smooth experience.

Cognitive Science Research: Extended Mind Themed Issue

Here is my introduction to the themed issue of Cognitive Systems Research. The full collection is now available here.

Extended Mind (Yet Again)

The articles comprising the themed issue of Cognitive Systems Research are now available from the publisher’s Articles in Press page. Note from Elsevier: The section “Articles in Press” contains peer reviewed accepted articles to be published in this journal. When the final article is assigned to an issue of the journal, the “Article in Press”…

Top of the Pops (well relatively speaking)

Sad as it is, we were chuffed to discover that our co-authored paper is the 57th most popular paper in Chalmers’ MindPapers database out of a total of 18,477 papers.

Top of the Cognitive Systems Research Pops

This is sad, I know – it reminds me of when the “Top of the Pops” actually meant something to us 70s kids! Anyway, I was pleased to learn that 11 of the 13 articles from the themed double issue of Cognitive Systems Research (“Perspectives on Social Cognition“) have appeared in the top 25 most downloaded…