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Agent-Based Computational Sociology

Check out this new book I’ve just come across – Wiley’s lists, across disciplines, is certainly looking very strong these days. Also check out two colleagues’ excellent Wiley offerings – Ted Lewis’ Network Science and of course Ken Aizawa’s and Fred Adams’ The Bounds of Cognition. Agent-based modelCognitionCognitive sciencecomplexityComputational SociologyExtended MindFred AdamsKen AizawaNetwork ScienceSimulationsocial epistemologySocial…

The coupling-constitution fallacy revisited

Ken Aizawa’s contribution to the Extended Mind special issue of CSR: The hypothesis of extended cognition maintains that cognitive processes sometimes span the brain, body, and world. One of the most prominent types of arguments for this hypothesis begins with observations of the role of certain sorts of bodily and environmental influences on cognitive processes,…

Extended Mind – Bumper Issue

Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences has published a bumper themed issue devoted to EM as well as other related theses, now collectively known as 4E. There is a “whose who” of contributors including the old firm Adams and Aizawa, Barnier, Sutton, Menary, Sterelny, Harris and others. This promises to be a super “must read” collection. Congrats…

Colin Klein Reviews Rob Rupert

Check out the ms of Colin Klein’s critical notice (forthcoming in Journal of Mind and Behavior) of Rob Rupert, something I’ve been trailing for some time.

Extended Mind – Themed Issue of CSR

The full and sequential lineup of this special issue of CSR is now available as Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 311-408 (December 2010). Thanks to all – the contributors and the Elsevier type-setting team for making this such a smooth experience.

Journal of Mind and Behavior 31: 1&2

The latest issue of JMB is now available. The pieces that will particularly interest my constituency are: (1) The Boundaries Still Stand: A Reply to Fisher  by Kenneth Aizawa, and (2) A Critical Notice of  Radical Embodied Cognitive Science by Anthony Chemero, reviewed by Rick Dale.

“Empiricalizing” Heidegger

Tony Chemero has kindly sent me these links to a paper he, Dobromir Dotov and Lin Nie have just had published. The first link is to the full paper entitled “A Demonstration of the Transition from Ready-to-Hand to Unready-to-Hand.” The second link is to a popularized version of the aforementioned paper entitled “Your Computer Really Is…

Extended Cognition Blog

I’ve just come across a blog dedicated to discussion of the Hypothesis of Extended Cognition. With contributors (for and against) of the order of Anthony Morse, Richard Menary, Andy Clark, Ken Aizawa and Fred Adams, this will hopefully develop into a lively forum and yet another way for theorists in this fertile and exciting niche to network.