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Journal of Mind and Behavior 31: 1&2

The latest issue of JMB is now available. The pieces that will particularly interest my constituency are: (1) The Boundaries Still Stand: A Reply to Fisher  by Kenneth Aizawa, and (2) A Critical Notice of  Radical Embodied Cognitive Science by Anthony Chemero, reviewed by Rick Dale.

“Empiricalizing” Heidegger

Tony Chemero has kindly sent me these links to a paper he, Dobromir Dotov and Lin Nie have just had published. The first link is to the full paper entitled “A Demonstration of the Transition from Ready-to-Hand to Unready-to-Hand.” The second link is to a popularized version of the aforementioned paper entitled “Your Computer Really Is…


ryle, v. to give examples. “He ryles on and on without ever daring a conclusion.” Hence, n. An example. “His argument was elucidated by a variety of apt ryles.” “The original ryle has been chisholmed beyond recognition.” (2) A variety of smooth, lucid, thin ice that forms on bogs. The Philosophical Lexicon Though published several…