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Dennett on Wieseltier vs. Pinker

This from Edge Postmodernism, the school of “thought” that proclaimed “There are no truths, only interpretations” has largely played itself out in absurdity, but it has left behind a generation of academics in the humanities disabled by their distrust of the very idea of truth and their disrespect for evidence, settling for “conversations” in which…

Intuition Pumping: Dennett Interview

3:AM Magazine: Dennett plugging his latest. See also Real People: Personal Identity without Thought Experiments. CognitionCognitive neuroscienceconsciousnessDaniel DennettIntuition pumpnaturalismphilosophical psychologyPhilosophyPhilosophy of mindReligionsciencethought experiments

Colin McGinn on Philosophy of Mind

McGinn, one of my favourite philosophers of mind, notwithstanding Dennett’s view of McGinn’s well-known position: In the Critics section of this week’s New Statesman, ten pages of which are devoted to a philosophy special, our Critic at Large is Colin McGinn, professor of Philosophy at the University of Miami, who surveys the current state of…

David Stove

I know that I may well cop a lot of flack disclosing that I’m a fan of David Stove. One colleague called Stove the worst curmudgeon he’d ever come across, a writer that had the ability to rub many constituencies up the wrong way. Be that as it may, I find Stove a great writer…

Symposium on Mind in Life

Check out this special issue (Ed. Tobias Schlicht) of Journal of Consciousness Studies devoted to Evan Thompson’s Mind in Life. Participants include Dennett, Grush, Hutto, Siewert, Van Gulick, Wheeler, Zahavi and others. Journal of Consciousness Studies

Some Mind Titles for 2011

Some books to look out for in 2011: Also Enaction: Toward a New Paradigm for Cognitive Science (shame about the cringe-making subtitle that has all the hyperbolic clichés “toward,” “new” and that old favourite “paradigm.”) Neuromania: On the limits of brain science

Big Thinkers: Dennett

Here is a programme featuring Dennett that I hadn’t heretofore come across. Glad to see Dennett as busy and pugnacious as ever after his health scare a while back which he amusingly talks about here. Speaking of health, here is Dennett on Christopher Hitchens. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3