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The Embodied Mind: 20 years on

Commemorating a landmark book The Future of the Embodied Mind The summer school focuses on cognition in artificial and biological systems from a theoretical perspective that considers embodiment, situatedness, and action-relatedness as key elements in understanding and implementing cognitive systems. The school will be held in San Sebastián, Spain 5th – 9th September 2011 The school will…

Enaction: An Interview with Ezequiel Di Paolo

Here is an interview posted on the eclectic APPS bog. Ezequiel is one of the main current players in enactivist theory and has a recently published (edited) book out that I’ve been reading. Enactivism is a position I’m quite sympathetic to though I’m sceptical of “new paradigm” talk.

Some Mind Titles for 2011

Some books to look out for in 2011: Also Enaction: Toward a New Paradigm for Cognitive Science (shame about the cringe-making subtitle that has all the hyperbolic clichés “toward,” “new” and that old favourite “paradigm.”) Neuromania: On the limits of brain science