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Shakespeare: memory and modern cognitive science

Here is someone doing interesting interdisciplinary work as an English don without plying the usual woolly pseudo-inquiry tripe. See article here. distributed cognitionEmbodied cognitionEvelyn TribbleExtended MindExternalismMemoryphilosophical literaturePhilosophy of mindshakespearesituated cognition

Machine Head

Namit Arora in a themed issue of Philosophy Now considers the complexity of consciousness and its implications for artificial intelligence. But despite the big advances in computing, AI has fallen woefully short of its ambition and hype. Instead, we have ‘expert’ systems that process predetermined inputs in specific domains, perform pattern matching and database lookups, and…

Extending the Extended Mind to the Philosophy of Mathematics

Here’s a paper I chanced upon. The full title: “The Four-Color Theorem Solved, Again: Extending the Extended Mind to the Philosophy of Mathematics” (I’ve just noticed that Ken Aizawa has already beat me to the punch!).

Enaction: An Interview with Ezequiel Di Paolo

Here is an interview posted on the eclectic APPS bog. Ezequiel is one of the main current players in enactivist theory and has a recently published (edited) book out that I’ve been reading. Enactivism is a position I’m quite sympathetic to though I’m sceptical of “new paradigm” talk.

Madary reviews Rowlands

Check out this review (scroll down) by Michael Madary of Mark Rowlands’ The New Science of the Mind: From Extended Mind to Embodied Phenomenology. One of the latest labels to emerge for anti-classical (or non-Cartesian, or post-cognitivist) cognitive science is “4E.” The four Es here are the embodied, embedded, enacted, and extended approaches to cognition. Since there are…

Extended Mind – Bumper Issue

Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences has published a bumper themed issue devoted to EM as well as other related theses, now collectively known as 4E. There is a “whose who” of contributors including the old firm Adams and Aizawa, Barnier, Sutton, Menary, Sterelny, Harris and others. This promises to be a super “must read” collection. Congrats…