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Roger Scruton’s Wagner

To mark the birth of Roger here is an article on his aesthetics, to my mind the most abiding dimension to Roger’s philosophical legacy, something many commentators (perhaps willfully) pass over: Inscrutable Wagner: Roger Scruton’s appreciation of Richard Wagner will remain an important and inexhaustible part of his legacy Roger assessed Tristan as fundamentally religious in its…

But is it science?

Roger Scruton and Timothy Williamson discuss the relationship between philosophy and science, introduced by Tim Crane: But is it science?   naturalismPhilosophyRoger ScrutonscienceScientismTim Cranetimothy williamson

Dialogues in Scrutopia

Scruton conveys a world where the ideological “lie” reigned and where brave souls successfully resisted it. He also captures that in-between world between moral integrity and open collaboration that was the fate of so many in a decaying yet frightfully repressive ideological regime. Daniel J. Mahoney in New Criterion It was Roger who inspired me to go to…