ryle, v. to give examples. “He ryles on and on without ever daring a conclusion.” Hence, n. An example. “His argument was elucidated by a variety of apt ryles.” “The original ryle has been chisholmed beyond recognition.” (2) A variety of smooth, lucid, thin ice that forms on bogs. The Philosophical Lexicon

Though published several years ago, I want to bring your attention to the freely available special Ryle edition of the Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy. Ryle holds a special place for me in that he remains one of the supreme philosophical stylists, a writer whose marvelous turn of phrase is so entertaining, one can easily forget one is reading a substantive piece of analytical philosophy. Others that have this ability include Dennett (Ryle’s student) and Andy Clark – incidentally, two writers for whom, as Anthony Chimero says, Ryle has never gone out of fashion. Ryle’s talent can be found not only in his well-known The Concept of Mind, but also in his writing on Plato. It’s been a rare treat to examine one not one but two great stylists – Ryle and Oakeshott.      

NPG 5092, Gilbert Ryle

Hubert Andrew Freeth’s portrait in the National Portrait Gallery.