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Klein reviews Rupert

At last Colin Klein’s terrific critical notice of Rob Rupert’s fine-grained critique Cognitive Systems and the Extended Mind is now available in the latest issue of The Journal of Mind and Behavior.

Colin Klein Reviews Rob Rupert

Check out the ms of Colin Klein’s critical notice (forthcoming in Journal of Mind and Behavior) of Rob Rupert, something I’ve been trailing for some time.

Clark Review of Adams and Aizawa and Rupert

Here is a twofold review by Andy Clark to appear in Mind and made available by Mirko Farina on his Facebook page. For other critical notices of Adams and Aizawa and Rupert see the Journal of Mind and Behavior (Justin Fisher’s review of A&A, Aizawa’s reply; Rupert’s review of Clark and the soon to appear…

Rob Rupert’s Cognitive Systems and The Extended Mind

Earlier this year I trailed Rob Rupert’s new book. I now want to give a plug to a workshop that is going to be held to discuss this eagerly awaited book. I’ve commissioned a Critical Review for The Journal of Mind and Behavior to be written by the very able Colin Klein.

Extended hype?

Galen Strawson, while thinking there is much to be said for non-Cartesianism, doesn’t think that the radical turn taken by the extended mind hypothesis, is fruitful nor indeed really all that new. Stay tuned for an excellent review by Chris Onof of Strawson’s Consciousness and Its Place in Nature: Does physicalism entail panpsychism? in The Journal…