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Social Cognition, Artefacts, and Stigmergy Revisited: Concepts of Coordination

Here’s an extract from the fifth article by Tarja Susi from this special Human-Human Stigmergy issue Some years ago Susi and Ziemke (2001) made a comparative analysis of social/situated theories of cognition (activity theory, situated action, and distributed cognition) and stigmergy, discussing the coordination paradox, visible in both social insects and human activities. The key elements compared were agents,…

Stigmergy at the Edge: Adversarial Stigmergy in the War on Drugs

Here’s an extract from the fourth article by Rodrigo Nieto-Gomez from this special Human-Human Stigmergy issue. Pierre-Paul Grassé identified for the first time the importance of indirect (environmental) stimulus-response patterns while studying how termites were capable of creating complex habitats through coordination without central command. The most singular characteristic of this stigmergy, as Grassé called the phenomenon, is that…

Imitation and Novelty in Product Development

Here’s an extract from the third article by Ted Lewis and Richard Bergin from this special Human-Human Stigmergy issue. A human stigmergy framework for product development Many investigators over the past century have attempted to quantify human innovation as a property of social organizations such as corporations as well as individual entrepreneurs. Andergassen et al. argue that innovation appears…

General theory of stigmergy: Modelling stigma semantics

New “review” paper in CSR. Artificial intelligenceComplex adaptive systemcomplexitycomputational intelligencedistributed cognitiondistributed knowledgeEmbodied cognitionEmergenceExtended MindExternalismmulti-agent modelingrationalismSelf-organizationsituated cognitionsocial epistemologySpontaneous orderstigmergic epistemologyStigmergySwarm behaviorSwarm intelligence

The Stigmergy Game

Here is a recent open access article I came across entitled Co-Adaptation and the Emergence of Structure. Check out their “Stigmergy Game” model. Cognitive sciencecomplexitydistributed knowledgesituated cognitionsocial epistemologySocially distributed cognitionstigmergic epistemologyStigmergy