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The Extended Mind and Religious Thought Revisted

Here’s plug for a collection of EM papers from about three years ago The Extended Mind by Mark Rowlands Abstract & Keywords Persons and the Extended-Mind Thesis by Lynne Rudder Baker Abstract & Keywords Minds, Intrinsic Properties, and Madhyamaka Buddhism by Teed Rockwell Abstract & Keywords Empathy and the Extended Mind by Joel W. Krueger Abstract & Keywords Quintuple…

Doing things with music

Two items of note (at least for me) from the excellent Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences: great to see this journal flourishing. I recall a correspondence with an eminent emeritus professor of philosophy at McGill around 2000 who nearly had a coronary when I told him of my interest in phenomenology (he’s still with us…

The Extended Mind and Religious Thought

THE EXTENDED MIND AND RELIGIOUS THOUGHT Zygon symposium (Volume 44 Issue 3 September 2009) is now available online. The lineup as follows: MINDSCAPES AND LANDSCAPES: EXPLORING THE EXTENDED MIND (p 625-627) Leslie Marsh THE EXTENDED MIND (p 628-641) Mark Rowlands PERSONS AND THE EXTENDED-MIND THESIS (p 642-658) Lynne Rudder Baker MINDS, INTRINSIC PROPERTIES, AND MADHYAMAKA…

The Extended Mind and Religious Thought

Here is an uncorrected proof of my introduction to the mini symposium on The Extended Mind to appear in Zygon. Vol. 44, no. 3 (September 2009).

Extended Mind II

 Update This issue is scheduled to appear in the Autumn of 2008. All accepted papers will  subject to the usual refereeing process. The contributors:  Leonard Angel (Douglas College) Lynne Baker (UMass Amherst)  Matthew Day (Florida State)  Joel Krueger (Copenhagen) Leslie Marsh (Sussex)  Teed Rockwell (Sonoma State) Mark Rowlands (Miami)