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Rupert Reviews Rowlands/Interview with Shapiro

These two items via Ken Aizawa’s blog. 1. Rob Rupert reviews Mark Rowlands’ latest 2. Ginger Campbell interviews Larry Shapiro (check out the companion episodes Ginger mentions)

Doing things with music

Two items of note (at least for me) from the excellent Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences: great to see this journal flourishing. I recall a correspondence with an eminent emeritus professor of philosophy at McGill around 2000 who nearly had a coronary when I told him of my interest in phenomenology (he’s still with us…

Overextended Cognition

Here’s a new paper by Shannon Spaulding. The abstract: Extended cognition is the view that some cognitive processes extend beyond the brain. One prominent strategy of arguing against extended cognition is to offer necessary conditions on cognition and argue that the proposed extended processes fail to satisfy these conditions (Adams and Aizawa, 2008; Rupert, 2010; Weiskopf,…

James Bond and the Barking Dog: Evolution and Extended Cognition

Larry Shapiro has a new paper posted on his website. Prominent defenders of the extended cognition thesis have looked to evolutionary theory for support. Roughly, the idea is that natural selection leads one to expect that cognitive strategies should exploit the environment, and exploitation of the right sort results in a cognitive system that extends beyond the head…

Shapiro’s Embodied Cognition

Larry Shapiro’s book Embodied Cognition has just been published. Anything by Larry is well worth a read. This book comes with dust jacket recommendations from no less than heavy hitters such as Fred Adams, Arthur Glenberg, Rob Wilson, Elliott Sober and Ken Aizawa. If you haven’t already done so, check out his excellent The Mind Incarnate.