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Ken Minogue

Five years ago my chum Ken got on a plane after a MPS meeting in the Galapagos and never awoke. What a way to go! Read his work. kenneth minogueLiberalismMichael OakeshottPolitical philosophyrationalism

Remembering Ken Minogue

Born on this day — see the themed issue of Cosmos + Taxis dedicated to Ken. Here is Ken at his elegant and wry best in Morals & the servile mind. I think Ken would have been chuffed by BREXIT not necessarily because of which side actually won, but because of which side was the most arrogant. Clue .…

Companion to Oakeshott

At last PSUP have published the contents. ConversationMichael OakeshottNoel MalcolmOakeshottPaul FrancoPhilosophyPolitical philosophyThomas Hobbes

A Companion to Michael Oakeshott (Again)

We know it’s been a long time in coming but we have some blindingly superb essays comprising this volume. In lieu of conventional abstracts here is an extract from Paul and my introductory essay. For a full table of contents and a dedicated website see here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Editorial Extract The first two essays deal with…