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Companion to Oakeshott

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Group agency

Here’s a recent co-authored book from Christian List. CL is probably the leading theorist in this area and one of the best philosophers around who, not so long ago, was not affiliated with a philosophy department (I see that he now has a joint appointment with the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method). How…

Smith on Searle and De Soto

A fascinating talk by (ontology kingpin) Barry Smith entitled “John Searle and Hernando de Soto: The Mystery of Capital and the Construction of Social Reality.“

All about me: Disclosure in online social networking profiles: The case of FACEBOOK

With today’s release of the film The Social Network some might be interested in a recent academic study published in Computers in Human Behavior.

A Constitution of Minds

In today’s Boston Globe Mickey Edwards reviews Cass Sunstein’s latest book A Constitution of Many Minds. Though I haven’t read the book, Edwards’ rather snippy and ill-informed review calls for some comments. ***************** If “A Constitution of Many Minds” reveals anything, it is that its author may teach about constitutionalism but he is at heart…

Social Indentity

Colin McGinn poses a fair question: if Obama is half white why is he considered black? Colin is of course making the point that essentialism in these issues is not sustainable and this is reflected in the variety of very good responses to his question, perspectives that bring in fine-grained distinctions that would have never occured to…

Social Indentity

As usual, Dan Little has posted some thoughtful reflections on the multifarious tributaries that feed into the complex that is social identity. It brings to mind a recent correspondence I had with someone who was adamant that I call them by their “new” name (legally changed by deed poll), someone who I happened to know under their birth…

Social Identity

In today’s Guardian there is an article entitled Who do you think I am? with the tag line “It’s all too easy to categorise people but it isn’t inevitable. We can still consider the alternatives.” The writer is quite correct so say that: Identity is a contemporary buzzword and goes onto list instances of its…