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Hegel and the extended mind

Anthony Crisafi and Shaun Gallagher in AI & Society (Volume 25, Number 1, 123-129): We examine the theory of the extended mind, and especially the concept of the ‘‘parity principle’’ (Clark and Chalmers in Analysis 58.1:7–19, 1998), in light of Hegel’s notion of objective spirit. This unusual combination of theories raises the question of how…

Old Reviews of Experience and its Modes

Here are two reviews of Experience and its Modes that I’ve only recently come across. The former is exceedingly warm; the latter, not surprisingly, very dismissive since it is reviewed in North America’s premier philosophy journal. I don’t mean to imply that The Journal of Philosophy is unduly critical – merely, that philosophy journals are,…

The Intellectual Legacy of Michael Oakeshott

A rather belated plug for this book. The follow up is currently being edited.