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A Companion to Michael Oakeshott (Again)

We know it’s been a long time in coming but we have some blindingly superb essays comprising this volume. In lieu of conventional abstracts here is an extract from Paul and my introductory essay. For a full table of contents and a dedicated website see here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Editorial Extract The first two essays deal with…

British Idealism and the concept of the self

I don’t normally post conference calls or CFP but this conference has appeal to me. I did attend the Bradley Society conference in about 1997 at Harris Manchester hosted by Bill Mander and had a great time there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Date: 27th – 29th August, 2013 Location: Harris Manchester College, Oxford Idealism dominated British philosophy during…

Oakeshott on Religion, Science and Politics

The recent Zygon symposium on Oakeshott on religion, science and politics is now available as a free download. Click here and scroll down to the REFLECTING ON MICHAEL OAKESHOTT section.

Oakeshott on Religion, Science and Politics

Here is my introduction to the Zygon symposium on Oakeshott to appear in the March 2009 issue. This is an uncorrected proof – do not cite.

The Concept of a Philosophical Jurisprudence

Oakeshott’s great essay “The Concept of a Philosophical Jurisprudence” is now available in book form. For several years prior to the opening up of the LSE Oakeshott archives, this essay was being passed around in photocopy form, a copy of a copy etc . . . making it ever harder to read. Whatever else is in this collection, this…