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Oakeshott on Religion, Science and Politics

The recent Zygon symposium on Oakeshott on religion, science and politics is now available as a free download. Click here and scroll down to the REFLECTING ON MICHAEL OAKESHOTT section.

Oakeshott symposium

The Oakeshott symposium on science, religion, and politics in the journal Zygon is now online.    In this issue there is also a symposium on Owen Flanagan’s latest book  The Really Hard Problem: Meaning in a Material World. I was scheduled to participate in this symposium, a symposium that I’d originally suggested, but my computer went…

Oakeshott on Religion, Science and Politics

Here is my introduction to the Zygon symposium on Oakeshott to appear in the March 2009 issue. This is an uncorrected proof – do not cite.

Grayling vs. Fuller on Intelligent Design

In the latest issue of the New HumanistAnthony Grayling pulls no punches in attacking Steve Fuller’s latest book. Steve Fuller responds; Grayling comes back. Part 1: Grayling – Origin of the specious Part 2: Fuller – Against the faith Part 3: Grayling – Bolus of nonsense A month ago, I did say that this controversy will run and…

Steve Fuller on the Dover Trial

Here is a post on John Wilkins’ Evolving Thoughts bog that picks up on Sahotra Sarkar’s review of Steve Fuller’s latest book in the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. The conflict between Fuller and his critics is sure run and run with ever increasing bitterness. A minor point. Sarkar writes that: “He [Fuller] is widely credited…

Oakeshott on Religion, Science and Politics

Here are the abstracts for the forthcoming Zygon: A Journal of Religion and Science symposium on Oakeshott. Elizabeth Corey (Baylor) RELIGION AND THE MODE OF PRACTICE IN MICHAEL OAKESHOTT Michael Oakeshott’s religious view of the world stands behind much of his political and philosophical writing. The present essay proceeds first by discussing Oakeshott’s view of religion…

Naturalizing Religion

I notice that Oxford’s Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion and the Centre for Anthropology and Mind have received a big grant for the “study of the cognitive science of religion” from the Templeton Foundation. Who’d have thought that the project of naturalizing religion would become so sexy – for reasons I won’t go…

Dennett’s Breaking the Spell

Update: A digital version of this essay is now available from the Journal of Mind and Behavior website – click here or here. Here is a final MS of my review essay on Dennett’s Breaking the Spell published in Journal of Mind and Behavior (Vol. 27 No. 3 & 4 Summer & Autumn 2006).