British Idealism and the concept of the self

I don’t normally post conference calls or CFP but this conference has appeal to me. I did attend the Bradley Society conference in about 1997 at Harris Manchester hosted by Bill Mander and had a great time there.


Date: 27th – 29th August, 2013

Location: Harris Manchester College, Oxford

Idealism dominated British philosophy during the last third of the nineteenth century, and continued to be a significant force into the early years of the twentieth. Its advocates, who worked across the full spectrum of philosophical topics from metaphysics through ethics and political theory to the philosophy of religion, both reflecting and influencing turn of the century culture and society, included such figures as T.H. Green, Edward Caird, F.H. Bradley, William Wallace, Bernard Bosanquet, J.M.E. McTaggart, Henry Jones, D.G. Ritchie, J.H. Muirhead, R.B. Haldane, J.S. Mackenzie, H.J.W. Hetherington and A.S. Pringle-Pattison.

The conference aims to explore this tradition and its continuing relevance to modern thought  by taking as its central theme the concept of the self in British Idealist thought.

Whether through rethinking the metaphysical and epistemological relations between self and the world, through engagement with contemporary psychological science, through understanding it as something essentially social, through regarding its finitude as the manifestation of a deeper infinity, through considerations of its freedom and immortality, or through exploring the inter-relations between individual personhood and the more universal Absolute, notions of the self were always central to British Idealist philosophy; and contributions are sought exploring the many different manifestations of the self in British Idealist thought in relation to society, politics and ethics, religion, aesthetics, history, logic and metaphysics.

There are no restrictions in the methodological or philosophical perspective to be adopted, and papers would be particularly welcome which connect together the thoughts of different Idealist philosophers, or which link them to more contemporary discussions of the self.

Accommodation in the College will be limited so early expressions of interest are welcomed. Abstracts of no more than 500 words to be sent by 15 December 2012 to the conference organisers:

Bill Mander. Harris-Manchester College Oxford. Email:

Stamatoula Panagakou. University of Cyprus and University of York. Email: