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Colin Blakemore: 1944-2022

Back in the day I enjoyed Blakemore’s BBC series (with accompanying book) The Mind Machine, several episodes available on YouTube. Also well-worth a read (coedited with Susan Greenfield) is the book Mindwaves: Thoughts on Intelligence, Identity, and Consciousness. See the obit On Colin. Cognitive sciencecolin blakemoreconsciousnessneurosciencePhilosophy of mindsusan greenfield

The Cognitive Dimension

The always subtle (philosophically, historically, and most especially, sociologically) Stephen Turner. His piece is freely available here. Cognitive sciencephilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mindStephen Turner

Champagne’s Unified Theory of Consciousness

Warm review by Jamin Pelkey in The American Journal of Semiotics of Marc’s Consciousness and the Philosophy of Signs: How Peircean Semiotics Combines Phenomenal Qualia and Practical Effects. On a different note, this very versatile thinker has the first critical but fair explication of Jordan Peterson available. Marc Champagne’s new book Consciousness and the Philosophy…

. . . but our brain can’t understand the picture

Hayek already wrote in The Sensory Order (1952) that “An apparatus of classification cannot explain anything more complex than itself” and that “The whole idea of the mind explaining itself is a logical contradiction’’. Hayek takes this incompleteness — the constitutional inability of mind to explain itself — to be a generalized case of Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem. See…