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A hundred years of consciousness: ‘a long training in absurdity’

The very excellent Galen Strawson’s Isaiah Berlin Lecture from earlier this year. Highly unusual indeed to spot a footnote to Hayek’s TSO — so that’s rather good news. Also in anticipation of a review I’ve commissioned for Shaun Gallagher’s recently published Enactivist Interventions: Rethinking the Mind, Shaun has made available the book’s intro: see here. behaviourismconsciousnessenactivismFriedrich HayekGalen StrawsonPhilip…

Jerry Fodor

Obit (of sorts) in LRB but well worth reading his IEP entry. Update: here is the NYT obit. I hate relativism. I hate relativism more than I hate anything else, excepting, maybe, fiberglass powerboats… surely, surely, no one but a relativist would drive a fiberglass powerboat. Cognitive sciencefunctionalismJerry FodorPhilosophy of mindrepresentationalism