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Palgrave Studies in Classical Liberalism

Lot’s happening in this dynamic and ecumenical series attracting old hands, young guns and all stages in-between. To keep apprised of developments see the series’ Facebook page. If, having consulted the series’ aims and scope you feel that there may be a good match, feel free to address preliminary inquiries to the editors.   classical liberalismLibertarianismphilosophy of…

Who the Fuck is Frank Zappa?

Born on this day — the radical individualist that was FZ. Look out for the forthcoming Who the Fuck is Frank Zappa? movie and also The Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa hologram tour. Also well-worth a read is Barry Miles’ excellent biography reviewed by the redoubtable Camille Paglia in the NYT. Barry MilesCamille PagliaConservatismcultural criticismFrank Zappafree speechLibertarianismmusic