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Academic Hacks

The pun of the headline was unintended. Anyway, here is a short interview with Susan in Psychology Today — BTW, I highly recommend her Manifesto of a Passionate Moderate. The quote below captures the bind that befalls many humanities academics and is therefore a major driver of their hackery — ostrich-ism: So, in the crudest career terms, yes,…


A Case of the Politicization of “Science”

Though there is nothing new in this phenomenon here’s a nice example of good science reporting by Jesse Singal, someone who has consistently taken on the left and the right on at best questionable or at worst outright junk science, the worst offenders these days emanating from the intersectional identitarians. It would be interesting to see how…


Culture, Fate, and Public Policy

The always astute and nuanced John McWhorter’s take on Vance’s Hillbilly Elergy which I’m now ready to dive into having recently spend some time (albeit briefly) in Appalachian country. Hillbilly Elegy throws down a gauntlet to those who shape opinion on inequality and race in this country. Any reader must ask, “If Vance makes sense…


Skin in the Game

In light of the election result I’m amazed by the intelligentsia’s profound tone deafness in the run up to what has just occurred. As I’ve said umpteen times before (deploying surfing analogy), they superficially look at the swell and not the undercurrents. One can’t help feeling a little schadenfreude (I made a few bob at the…

The virtue epistemologist

The latest installment of Richard Marshall’s lovely interviews — here he’s talking with Ernest Sosa — a student of the wonderful Nicholas Rescher. It’s also worth listening to Sosa discussing the state of epistemology: EpistemologyErnest Sosanicholas rescherRichard Marshallsocial epistemologyVirtue epistemology